Work for Will

creative direction, visual system, advertising, video

1. Problem

The Nokia Lumia 920 smart phone is designed to become an extension of its owner. AT&T’s revolutionary phone is unique because it constantly surfaces information that matters most to its’ user in real time - much like a personal assistant.

The concept developed by BBDO included a high maintenance Hollywood celebrity (played by Will Arnett) searching for a new personal assistant. After watching an introductory video, users could customize a virtual Lumia 920 and submit it as their job application. Based on which apps the user had selected, they would get a personalized reaction video by Will. Users could then campaign for votes via social media to attract Will’s attention and boost their chances of winning the contest.

The winner of the contest would become a personal assistant for a day to Will Arnett.

2. Process

This fully immersive interactive experience had a lot of technical challenges as not only did it serve up personalized reaction videos, but it also replicated the use of the actual phone.

Screenshot 2018-11-01 21.58.36.png
ATT Nokia__0000_1.jpg
ATT Nokia__0002_3.jpg
Screenshot 2018-11-02 09.19.12.png
Screenshot 2018-11-02 09.20.38.png

As the ACD, my team worked alongside multiple interdisciplinary teams to create the user experience and visual design. We also collaborated closely with Microsoft User Experience team to ensure our version of the Lumia 920 was true-to-life.

After users submitted their application, they were served a personalized reaction video by Will Arnett. The result was an illusion that Will was browsing through the user’s application and commenting on their selections (such as color, apps used, etc). The system also tracked the user’s name onto a personalized business card held by Will Arnett. I worked on set alongside the production of the TV campaign to make sure we had assets covered for the digital portion of the experience.

3. Result

AT&T was pleased with the success of this innovative and challenging campaign. The experience garnered a lot of attention serving over 130,000 rendered videos, customized for each user, and received over 1.2 million votes.