Suez Water

creative direction, design systems, branding, infographics

1. Problem

In 2015 United Water became a subsidiary of Suez Environnement, a French-based utility company. They needed to transition away from their United Water branding and into the branding owned by Suez. They also needed to revamp their consumer online experience with more than 7.5 million customers in the US and Canada. Their goal was to transition 80% of customer transactions to the digital space by 2018. Additionally they were looking to increase their customer satisfaction experience online and decrease calls to their help desk and support by providing information and tools through their website. In short, they wanted customers to be able to view and pay bills online, view their water usage, and learn how to save water.

2. Process

The first thing I did as the senior art director on this project was translate their larger brand and style guide to one focused on the digital space. We took their overall brand guides and translated them into a visual system that would help simplify complex tasks like managing accounts, and viewing infographics.

Phase 2 of the project included using that design system to create their new landing page and customer portal. I collaborated with interdisciplinary teams to translate user flows and wireframes into a high fidelity prototype using InVision.

Screenshot 2018-11-02 13.06.45.png
Screenshot 2018-11-02 13.00.52.png
Screenshot 2018-11-02 13.01.18.png

3. Result

Utility websites are not often known for their usability and user friendliness. Our redesign however, brought Suez exactly up to that that level.

Screenshot 2018-11-02 16.21.40.png

iphone-6-png-1 copy.png