Not your grandmother’s quilts

I began quilting in 2016 shortly after my daughter was born. I needed a creative outlet that could work alongside having a newborn. Although I had sewed here and there since I was a teen, and had an interest in textile design and quilts, I never had the chance to sit down and dissect how to put one together.

I started by making a play mat for my daughter. Other mothers noticed my designs and I quickly began making them for others on commission. From there my ideas grew and I soon began designing and producing full-sized quilts as well. Though my work is made to be used many people who purchase my quilts choose to display them as wall art.

I’ve shown my quilts in solo shows at Rare Bird in Oakland and The Perish Trust in San Francisco. I mainly work on commission now and like to work with themes like magic, time, and nature. If you’d like to talk about commissioning a quilt, get in touch.

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