New York Rangers

branding, outdoor, print

1. Problem

After experiencing a slump in ticket sales the New York Rangers wanted a brand refresh to reinvigorate fans to come out Madison Square Garden to watch the game.

2. Process

Working as an art director, I helped to conceptualize new visual strategies to reinvigorate the brand. This involved coming up with a totally new look and feel that played off of the NYR’s “true blue.” While the logo remained the same, we used this new aesthetic to develop creative new advertising aimed at improving brand awareness and rallying support.

Screenshot 2018-11-01 15.52.34.png
Screenshot 2018-11-01 16.07.25.png
Screenshot 2018-11-01 16.07.49.png

3. Result

The result was one of the biggest re-launch campaigns in the history of the New York Rangers. I helped to produce an entire 360 campaign involving OOH, print, guerilla, digital, and TV ads.

Screenshot 2018-11-01 16.20.04.png
Screenshot 2018-11-01 19.57.11.png
Screenshot 2018-11-01 16.20.45.png