creative direction, design system, style guide, user interface

1. Problem

2K has long been recognized for its excellence as a video game publisher. Until recently, though, the company was 3 separate divisions - 2K Games, 2K Sports, and 2K Play. They decided it was time to unify their brand and establish a single digital ecosystem. The final product would need to be intuitive enough to be harnessed by just a few admins.

2. Process

As the ACD, my team of designers worked with strategists and engineers to look closely at the types of content that would need to be housed, the upcoming content strategy, and how many admins would need to access and update the site. Together, we created user flows, wireframes, and prototypes. Working in an agile environment, we iterated and further refined our concepts. The plan was to create a modular framework and custom content management system that was responsive and highly intuitive.

Through interviews and research we also learned that most gamers don’t always connect a publisher with their favorite game titles, so from a branding point of view we knew we needed a look and feel that brought up everything together as one voice.


3. Result

The result was a dynamic, highly customizable CMS. Different modules were developed to cater to different needs in every phase of a game's lifecycle. Screen shots, trailers, music, feature lists, summaries, RSS feeds, and reviews all have their own custom module structures. Modules can be resized in a variety of different ways, allowing every game page to be truly unique. The modular approach also makes it easy to cross-pollinate content that genre gamers might be interested in, helping 2K to introduce new titles to the most receptive audience. With social modules pulling feeds from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify, and more, we created an ecosystem where all the buzz about any 2K title can be accessed in one central location.

To unify the brand, we created a design system that extended the 2K brand while harmoniously working alongside each unique game title’s look and feel. Additionally, an admin-friendly style guide was created to help admins extend the brand look and feel.

View the site at 2k.com.

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